Privacy policy

By using Forte, you agree to collect, use, and transfer your personal data so that we can help you manage your Resume, professional templates, and applications.


At Forte, we take data privacy seriously. Our use, storage, and transfer of your data is governed by this policy, which is designed to protect you and your data.


  1. The data is yours
    All the data inserted is yours. You are free to view, delete, or change it anytime.
  2. Personal data
    Your personal data is only used to generate your Resumes.
  3. Consent
    You have complete control of your privacy settings so that you can add or withdraw consent at any time.
  4. Right to be forgotten
    You can delete your account anytime.
  5. EU space
    All your data is stored in European space, more precisely in the cloud servers of Google located in Dublin, Ireland.
  6. Data controller
    SprintResume is a trading name of ForteAI and is the data controller responsible for ensuring compliance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Laws. Any questions regarding the collection and processing of your data can be addressed to
  7. We will never sell your data
    We do not share information with third parties for their direct marketing purposes. Your personal data will never be sold to third parties and will only be shared when sending your Resumes.
  8. Our partners
    All our partners are GDPR compliant.
  9. Data retention
    If you stop using Forte, we will delete your account after 2 years from your last log in.

Scope of policy

This policy applies to all staff, volunteers, consultants, contractors, and providers working for ForteAI (“Forte”).


The policy outlines the measures taken to protect us from data security risks and keep your data secure and private. Forte’s staff, volunteers, consultants, contractors, and providers ensure that the data we control is gathered, processed, stored, and transmitted in line with this policy and relevant data protection rules and regulations.

What we collect

You provide your personal and professional information to Forte so that we can complete industry Resume templates for you.


This will naturally include private personal information, contact details, and employment background.


You are not required to but may choose to include the following information in your profile at your own discretion: (i) racial or ethnic origin, (ii) religious beliefs, (iii) political beliefs, (iv) political party or trade union membership, (v) health (physical, mental and/or sexual) or biometric details, (vi) criminal record including penalties or fines, or, (vii) relevant identification number (such as passport or national ID card).


We do store your IP address information, but just in two distinct scenarios: (i) your current and last session IP in order to keep your session alive and safe, (ii) every time that you sign the consent for the legal documents, like privacy policy terms, terms, and service, etc.

How to use your data

The data is yours. You provide the data needed to manage your professional Resume, populate your Resume templates, and maintain your profile. We process that data to complete the templates for you.


On top of that, we use it;

  • operate our business. To continue to offer and improve our service, we collect information about your use of Forte and will perform data analysis, audits, order fulfillment tracking, website enhancements and identify usage trends; and
  • communicate with you from time to time regarding updates to Forte, your use of Forte and your queries and feedback, using the name and contact information you provide to us. 

We also collect your contact and profile information which we receive and store when you access Forte, send it to us, or provide it to us in any other way.


We won’t sell your personal information or use it for marketing purposes. We don’t sell, trade, rent, or license your data to anyone else.

You can grant another user the right to access and use your data to generate a professional Resume on your behalf. There are consultants on Forte with specific experience in certain industries and companies with whom you can connect to process the Resumes for you. These rights can be added or revoked anytime in your profile settings.


The law requires Forte to ensure that personal data is kept accurate and up to date. We will, therefore, prompt you to review that information periodically.

How we share your data

Forte provides you with a platform to create industry template resumes that you can use for job applications. We do not share contact information with third parties for their direct marketing purposes unless you expressly consent to such disclosure.


We share your information with trusted third-party providers who help us deliver Forte. These include Google, which hosts our files (including our Resume database), Google for server hosting, HubSpot for email and marketing. These companies will have access to the personal data necessary to perform their functions and for that sole purpose. Forte will remain the data controller in such cases, and the use of data is restricted to information strictly required in terms of the Third-Party Service Agreement between Forte and the third-party provider. This policy applies to all third-party providers, however, the providers may have their own policies covering their services. We therefore recommend that you refer to their policies, where applicable.

All third-party providers are located in the European Union.

Unless covered above, Forte will not share your data in any other way except if you violate the terms of service or when required by law by judicial notice or court order. Your data might be used for civil infringement or criminal charges in such cases. In each such case, Forte will ensure the request is legitimate and seek appropriate legal advice if necessary.

Where we store your data

We retain all your data to make your use of Forte easier and more efficient. The data is yours: you can delete or change it anytime through your profile settings.


All your data is stored securely in our Google Cloud servers located in Dublin, Ireland, and is subject to European Data Protection Legislation.

Your data is never stored in paper form.


We will maintain your profile for up to two years after your last login when your data will be removed from our servers.

Access to your data

You can add, update, and/or remove your data from Forte at any time through your Forte profile.


Requests for access to information will receive a response within 30 days of receipt of such request. If we require additional time to process your request, we will acknowledge receipt of your request within 30 days and provide a response promptly after that, as permitted by law. Where there is an administrative cost of retrieving the requested data, we will require you to cover those costs.


Access to or correction, update, and/or deletion of your personal information may be denied or restricted in terms of applicable law or if such actions would impact the rights of another person.


You must verify your identity before any requested information is disclosed.


An archive version of your data, logs, and information relating to your activity on the site may be retained after the deletion of your profile for record-keeping and audit purposes. In such a case, these records will be retained only for such purposes and in line with applicable data retention laws.


Any doubts, questions, or requests should be directed to

Leaving Forte

If you no longer want your data to be collected, used, stored, or transferred as described here, you may revoke your consent to the Privacy Policy. As stated above, your profile information and Resume(s) will be removed from Forte.


You may remove your Resume and Profile from Forte at any time. You should note, however, that anyone who viewed or received your Resume or industry template may have kept a copy of it in their own records.


At our own discretion, Forte may suspend or terminate any user profile and/or refuse any and all present and future use of Forte or any other service provided by Forte for any reason at any time. Termination of the service will result in deactivation and/or suppression of your profile. It can include preventing access to your profile and the right to confiscate all content from your profile.

Changes to Privacy Policy

In the event that this policy changes to a material extent, we will, where required, contact you via the contact information in your profile and request confirmation of your continued consent to this policy.


Forte reserves the right to modify this policy occasionally without notice. We therefore recommend that you review this document and the Forte website periodically for updates and new policies. In case of modifications to Forte that will result in a change in your data’s use, storage, or transmission, we will give 24 hours prior notice to such changes and request your consent to the new terms.


  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679

Version 1 Last updated at 07.02.2024