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Skills & Jobs

AI Assistant for B2B talent sales

The AI Assistant knows the skills in your organization and across your partner networks. It finds the right talents, assembles teams and customizes talent resumes to match each project’s specific requirements. And, it does all this lightning fast with high quality!

Forte is the best friend of software development and consulting companies and all organizations with skilled knowledge workers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small company with tens of people or a multinational with tens of thousands of talents.

Try how the AI Assistant helps you in talent sales and skills management. The most powerful helper you have ever experienced! Try it and be truly delighted.

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AI Assistant for job seekers

The future is here! Never write or update your resume ever again. From now on your AI Assistant does it for you. Forte helps you in job hunting and in professional development.

Your personal AI Assistant finds interesting job opportunities for you, writes your resume and cover letters and actually even sends the job application on your behalf.

Forte is the most powerful AI system for skills and jobs. It can advise you to create a step-by-step career plan including degrees and various jobs when you move towards your professional goals. You can use Forte throughout your work life as your personal advisor and assistant.

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AI Assistant for public employment agencies

Want to see effects on a large scale? Do you need to increase the employment level in your region? Try implementing Forte into your job platform and let the AI Assistant help you to match right candidates to relevant jobs.

Forte is a vertical AI system, specialized in skills and jobs. It’s build with the most modern and advanced AI architecture enabling previously unseen capabilities. What was previously impossible is today's basic functionality.

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